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Willow's Pantry

NEW Doggy Croquembouche - Awake Your Inner Frenchie!

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Uh La La! 

Something new and exciting has hit our online store! Our OG Doggie Croquembouche is ready to hit your tastebuds!

Choose between choux, donuts or decorated cookies - stacked up to the sky with doggy icing, organic rose petals or dyed coconut

Please note that just like human Croquembouches, our doggie version contains a styroform cone in the middle , keeping the edible decorations stacked up.

What are Choux? Choux pastry is a pastry dish, usually used in many European dishes. The light, puffed up consistency makes it easy to fill - for example with doggie icing. 

The only difference? Our doggie choux don't contain butter or salt!

Choose your size:

A small croquembouche contains about 20 filled choux, donuts decorated donuts OR cookies - a good 15-20 portions. 

A large Croquembouche contains about 35 filled choux, decorated donuts OR cookies - which is about 30- 35 serves